Captcha Bot API

If your software is not incorporated with our services then you will need Captchatunneling. But in case you already possess your own software then just go through our API segment.
You can get the simplest services of integrating your software with captcha interpreting API like antigate and anti captcha solver decaptcher here. Our services for you are available 24/7/365. You can avail either human decoders or machine based OCRs for captcha solving that too at very low prices. All you have to do to get started is carry some easy registration formalities and some easier transfers. You will get all the answers to your quarries with regard to the mode of using bypass captcha, method of utilizing decaptcha services as well as the way of using antigate. You can find excellent captcha breakers in addition to services related to captcha solving which is turned on here via the simplest integration through captcha tunneling. If your software is not incorporated with our services then you will need Captchatunneling. But in case you already possess your own software then just go through our API segment.
Our service supports different APIs like Captchabot API protocols, antigate and anti captcha. If you possess any other API or software that is not supported then you will be debarred from bypassing captcha. But in case you have .netframework 3.5 or .netframework 2 or rights of an admin to run captcha tunneling then you will not be banned. Excavating the correct captcha transcript in future will be feasible only on assimilation of your API.
Antigate, decaptcher API, bypasscaptcha API and deathbycaptcha API are all supported by our services.
What you need is rights of an admin to run captcha tunneling, .netframework 3.5 and .netframework 2.
Before you begin your software you need to run our captcha tunneling.
Register and credit your account on
1) Open Captcha tunneling.exe
2) Go to Preferences
Here you need to enter your username as well as password and then save it.
3) In HTTP API you will be able to see a list of decaptcher services. You should enable any one that is accessible in your software. For instance if antigate service is integrated with your software then you need to enable the antigate box and then save it.
4) Antigate and anti captcha offer both Socket API as well as http API. In case your software uses HTTP API then you will be able to allow any one of that. But in case you are asked for port number then you need to click socket API by enabling the service and saving it.
5) A few new ports have been listed for Antigate and anti captcha. If you need to make use of other ports, then add them in the port box and separate them by commas. And in case your software is asking for host then you can utilize any single host from the host pack.
Now you need to close preferences and then start the server
Now Captcha tunneling will start and you will be able to see your accessible balance. You will get a message as below:
HTTP server started on port 80 and for socket API enabled or not enabled message as per your choice.
NOTE: You need to enable only a single service linked to your software. Do not enable all the available services.
If you want to denote the number of threads you will be using for socket API then all you need to do is to pick the number from the drop down box.


In order to use our services any software can be set up by you. Let us look at an example with sick submitter.
Select the service you have facilitated with captcha tunneling. Type a random username and password. Save it. Test by checking your balance. It will display as success and some casual balance. Now save your settings. Thus you can use our service as your software is ready. The integration of the API into software is totally free. Remember Antigate and anti captcha free or free account doesn't have any hidden charges.