We are using headless browser technology for all javascript captchas so we are very good in solving them fastly and with good accuracy.Use our human based captcha solving service for all your captcha needs without any worries.

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ImageTyperz is a leading bypass captcha service in market. Our team can bypass any type of captcha in division of seconds. We are guaranteeing our accuracy over 95% with no charge for bad captchas. We have captcha bypass APIs available in different types of platform (.NET, C\\C++, Java, PHP,Python, Perl etc...). We are charging just for the right CAPTCHA. ImageTyperz offers decaptcha service and bypass captcha services as well, for different sorts of captchas. We also provide services for jdownloader captcha bypass plugins. We offer the least cost in the business sector. We charge just 0.00065$ for every captcha for utilizing our bypass captcha service and cost of 0.0021$ for every captcha is charged for No captcha | Recaptcha token method. Hour wise report of your usage will be indicated in your login panel with detailed report.

Rate for our captcha solver and recaptcha solver:

  Normal captcha 0.65$ per 1k

  Recaptcha V2 2.1$ per 1k

  Recaptcha V3 2.1$ per 1k

  Geetest 2.1$ per 1k

   Capy 1.5$ per 1k

  Hcaptcha 1.8$ per 1k

  TIKTOK 1.8$ per 1k

  Recaptcha Enterprise 3$ per 1k

  Funcaptcha or Arkose Labs 2.5$ per 1k

  Geetest V4 1.8$ per 1k

  Captcha Task (Bypass any Captcha type) 2.5$ per 1k

  Turnstile Captcha 1.8$ per 1k


  We charge 0.0065$ for image or normal captcha

  We charge 0.0021$ per Captcha for No captcha | Recaptcha token method

  You pay just for the right CAPTCHA which is bypassed correctly by our service.

  We have 24/7 online support

  Bypass captcha API working with the languages like .NET, C\\C++, Java, PHP, Python, Perl etc.

  Our accuracy rate is above 95% and best reaction time ensured

  100% accuracy for No captcha | Recaptcha token method.

Bypass captcha with our Imagetyperz Captcha Service

In case you are also on the lookout for a Captcha bypass service provider then without doubt you need to use our Imagetyperz service. With Imagetyperz services for bypasscaptcha you can sure rest and relax as we take all the burden of bypassing your captchas since we are the excellent service providers in this field. ImageTyperz is a Captcha bypass Service or bypass captcha service, using cheap human work to solve all captchas and not depended on automated OCRs.So the accuracy is more than 95% and also you pay only for the rightly bypassed captcha. VIP priority helps to bypass captchas within 10 seconds, but for extra charges. Please contact support to get VIP priority. The service makes it easy to join it through the different captcha bypass API for .Net, PHP, Python, Java, C/C++, Perl, imacros representation, Command Line Program and C# HTML Posting (With Example Project).

How to use our bypass captcha?

Register an account; Order captchas and just plugin your username and password in your software to use our captcha service. Check our API section for more plugins or integrate it with your software with lots of API available from our service.