Frequently Asked Questions

Imagetyperz.Com – A One Stop 24/7 CAPTCHA Decoding Solution

Q: What is your accuracy level for solving CAPTCHAs and what’s the response time?

A: is a decaptcher service with high accuracy levels of 95% and above. We have team of dedicated typists available 24/7 online and capable of solving any kind of CAPTCHA within few seconds. Our accuracy level is one of the highest in the industry and we don’t charge for incorrect CAPTCHAs. Best response time is guaranteed for your orders. All you need to do is get registered with our website and select a suitable platform viz. PHP, JAVA, .NET, C/C++, Perl etc. for the Decaptcher API and place your order.If our decaptcher service is intergrated with your software then just enter your username and password to use our service.

Q: What are your service timings?

A: We are available for you 24/7 throughout the year with uninterrupted services that are streamlined to suit you to the best possible level.

Q: Do you provide technical assistance to your clients?

A: Other than skilled typists our team also consists of highly rated programmers with expertise to help you in-case you need any support for integrating our service with your software. Start a free decaptcher account now.

Q: Is there any extra cost?

A: There is no hidden cost involved; we provide online tools that provide you access to all the minute details with respect to your usage. Our transparent service ensures that you get complete information regarding how and when your credits are used. Whether you are using decaptcher, decaptcher.dll or decaptcher api c# there is high degree of transparency and professionalism in all the platforms.

Q: What exactly your service is about; what is decaptcher?

A: Our website is a one stop solution for all types of decaptcha services with full online support available 24/7 for our customers. We provide API specific support and instructions to help our clients to get the very best deal in the industry. Our decaptcher service aims at solving just any kind of CAPTCHA with high accuracy at minimal rates.

Q: Can I Expect Programming Related Support?

A: Yes, we also provide technical support with respect to setting up our service with your software.

Q: What languages you support?

A: We provide APIs for all the popular web languages viz.JAVA, .NET, PHP, Python, C/C++, Perl etc. As a general case scenario our API are free of cost.

Q: What CAPTCHA types you support?

A: We rely on real humans to process all your orders; thus we boast of solving all types of CAPTCHAs with high level of accuracy and minimal response time.

Q: Is there any restriction for using your system from different IPs?

A. No, there is absolutely no restriction for using our system from different IPs. Our system can be used from as many IPs you want without any trouble.

Q: Can CAPTCHAs be solved in many threads?

A: Yes, our system can be parallelized so that you get the speed as well as quality of service side by side.

Q: How is the CAPTCHA solution incorporated with the client’s software/program?

A: It’s very simple; we provide APIs in all major web languages whether .NET, C/C++, C#, PHP, Perl or Python. You are just required to download the specific API that suits best to your software and embed it in your project.

Q: How to load money in the decaptcher account?

A: To load money on to the decaptcher account, you are just required to send money using our payment processor, and it will get reflected in your account within 5-10 minutes. In case it doesn’t get showed in the stipulated time, contact us using the contact form to get a prompt resolve.

Q: How much money is required for solving CAPTCHAs?

A: We work for you at the minimal rate of 0.00065$ per captcha for off peak hours and 0.002$ per captcha for No captcha | Recaptcha token method.

Q: What are the payment methods?

A: We prefer payment through avangate our designated payment processor, but we are quite flexible in this aspect. If you are convenient with other methods, let us know with the help of the contact form.

*** For any other details please contact us here: Contact Us