How To Pass Recaptcha Without Relying On Browser Emulation

Using this tutorial, you will be able to pass recapture without relying on browser emulation on a site. Below, we will show you exactly how you can do that.
1. When you find a page that has the "I am not a robot" verification pop up, right click it and select "inspect element".
2. Look for the link that starts with

3. Find the "k" parameter. Copy everything after the "k="
4. Send the GET-request using this form:

       Use the googlekey as the "k" parameter that you took from the step above.
       And use the URL as the link that goes to the page where you found the ReCaptcha.
5. If you do this, you will receive the response:
    Where ID is used as the ID for the captcha used in our system.
6. Wait 10 seconds until making your request to our servers in this form

   Using your username and password
   And using ID as the ID of the capture from the step above.
   You will receive the response
   Where response will be used as the solution for solving the recaptcha.
7. Look for a string of code that begins with the textarea_id="g-recaptcha-response" using the element inspector.
8. Once you find it, look for and delete the part of text that says "display: none;".
9. Go back to the original page that we started this tutorial at. You should now see an input field below it.
10. Grab the response from our server and add it into the input field. Click "submit".
11. Congratulations! You successfully passed the I am not a robot recaptcha!

As you are able to see through this tutorial, it's possible to get through all of this without touching your browser. Below, we have a few more words of advice that you can use to help you get past your captchas.

1. The "k" parameter is a constant. It does not change. The webmaster is the only one that can change it.
2. When you receive the answer from our server, it's only valid for a maximum of 2 minutes.
3. Each code given can only be used once.
4. If you see the response "ERROR: NOT_DECODED", it means the worker is not finished with the captcha.
5. If you see the response "ERROR: IMAGE_TIMED_OUT", it means one of the following:
    a) Google changed the algorithm and caused a malfunction
    b) You uploaded a googlekey that does not exist
    c) Our workers are not able to solve the captcha within 90 seconds. This can happen during peak hours when we receive the most captcha requests throughout the day.