Antigate API

Bypass recaptcha v2 and normal captchas using antigate or anti-captcha gateway(Brand new)
Supports invisible recaptcha also.

Do you want to use imagetyperz and your software is not integrated with our service and works only with antigate or anti-captcha

Then please check our API page


We’ve designed a captcha gate, which allows you to redirect traffic from other captcha services through imagetyperz. Currently, we’ve integrated the following services: - - -


The gates are redirecting the following actions to our service:
  • get balance
  • submit image captcha
  • retrieve image captcha
  • submit recaptcha
  • retrieve recaptcha response

In other words, if you have software that works with any of the above services, using the gate will allow you to use our service, with the same software. This is achieved by running a batch program, that writes config information into the hosts file of the Windows operating system. All this is done automatically, all you have to do is run it. For linux, we have a python script that allows you to toggle (enable / disable) a pair of IP DOMAIN

The last step, is to use replace access token OR username & password with credentials from magetyperz. In this way, the programs will run even though they were built for one of the services above, but in reality our service will be used for completion.

In case you don’t want to use the gate anymore, you can edit the hosts file which is located here: %SystemRoot%\System32\drivers\etc\hosts
On linux, you’ll find the hosts file in /etc/hosts
Both operating systems require admin / root access in order to modify the files
For more details about the hosts file check this link
Clone the github repository
git clone
Once you got it, go to scripts/windows folder, and run bat file for the service you want to redirect
It will ask you for administrator rights, because it’s writing to a system file, allow it, and the gate should be enabled within few seconds
For linux, here’s the usage of the script: ./ which can be found in scripts/linux

You can view it on github

Or you can download directly from here

Captchatunneling is needed only if our service is not integrated with your software. If you have software of your own then please look into our API section.

Excellent integration of captcha decoding API like death by captcha api, bypass captcha, decaptcher service , antigate or anti captcha with software's is very simple here. These are accessible 24*7 with human based deciphers have a very low price for the service of anti captcha. Just few easy steps and instructions before you get started with integration which includes some formalities for registration and a few easy downloads. This will help in answering your entire question as to how to use bypass captcha, how to use decaptcha service and also how to use death by captcha. All of these are fantastic captcha breaker and captcha solving service activated here with simple integration via the captcha tunnelling. Captchatunneling is needed only if our service is not integrated with your software. If you have software of your own then please look into our API section. There are various Application Programming Interfaces like the ones from bypasscaptcha, decaptcher, deathbycaptcha, antigate or anti captcha which can be supported by our services. In case you have any other non supported API's or software's, then barring you from sidestepping captcha is sure, unless you have .netframework 2, .netframework 3.5 and admin rights to operate captcha tunnelling. Excavating the right captcha text in future is only possible on integration with your api.
Our service supports bypasscaptcha API, decaptcher API, antigate or anti captcha in addition to deathbycaptcha API.
You need .netframework 2, .netframework 3.5 and admin rights to operate captcha tunnelling.
First run our captcha tunnelling before starting your software.
Register an account in and credit your account.
Captcha tunnelling can be downloaded from set it up on your system.
1) Open the Captcha tunneling.exe file

2) Click Preferences

Type your Imagetyperz username and password and save it.
3) A list of services for decaptcher or antigate can be found in HTTP API. Please Allow any one which is available in the software. For example If your software is incorporated to antigate service alter the antigate check box as well as save it.

Captcha tunnelling is started and you can see your available balance. And you will find message like
The server on HTTP is underway on port 80 as well as For socket Application program interface enabled or not enabled note as per your option.
NOTE: Enable any one service integrated with your software. Don’t enable all services.
For socket API you can specify the no of threads that you are going to use. Just choose from the box the number.


Note: you don’t need account with credits in antigate or anti-captcha to use tunnel. You can use any antigate or anti captcha free account or some random username and password. You need credits only with our Imagetyperz service as all captchas will be redirected to our antigate or anti captcha service.
In case its not working please click here for troubleshooting
Contact our support for any assistance